Bolognalingua: lernen und verbessern Sie Ihr Italienisch vor Ort in einer authentischen Atmosphäre

Italienischkurse in Bologna - Sprache und Kultur

Bologna lingua

Unser Programm sieht Einzelunterricht vor, der - wenn gewünscht - durch Nachmittagsaktivitäten ergänzt werden kann, in denen die Konversation in Italienisch vor Ort geübt wird. Zur Auswahl stehen Stadtführungen in Bologna, Ausflüge in nahe gelegene Städte oder Kochkurse.

Bolognalingua hilft Ihnen auch bei der Reservierung Ihrer Unterkunft. Es stehen folgende Übernachtungsmöglichkeiten zur Verfügung: Wohnen in einem Privathaushalt, Bed & Breakfast, Hotel, kleines Appartement.


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Ein Zeugnis aus U.S.A.:

"My Bolognalingua experience was so good last March that I plan to go back for another week this September or so. Bologna, the town, is fascinating; relatively few tourists, but a ton of students. Unique architecture with all the arcades. I stayed in a hotel at the edge of the university quarter in the old center city; it was clean, neat, and modern although in (I suspect) an old building. After the first morning when Andrea Quarantotto met me and showed me what to do, I would walk to a bus stop, take a 20 minute bus ride to Andrea's stop, walk five minutes to his house, be served a coffee by his wife Daniella, and spend the next three hours in intense Italian, working alone with Andrea.

Italian language homestay in Bologna

About 30 minutes into our first morning, Andrea had figured out what I knew, what I didn't know, and then tailored his teaching and drills to build up my strength. There were two other students in the program during the week I was there, and the three of us had lunch with Andrea and Daniella, family style, at the house with conversation mostly in Italian. On Monday and Tuesday afternoon, Andrea took the three of us into the old town and gave us a personal, private tour, again in Italian; on Thursday he drove us to Ravenna where he had engaged a guide to show us the highlights, and on Friday we went to an old castle village, so we got to see quite a bit of the region. Obviously you get out of the program whatever you put into it. If you have no Italian, you are not going to be fluent at the end of five very intensive days. If you have some Italian (it just happened that we three students were all at about the same level), I think the program is a wonderful way to build on the foundation and fill in some of the cracks and holes that exist. Since the program is tailored to what you already know and want to know (get around Italy comfortably? read Dante in the original?) it is both interesting and helpful. I hope this helps. If you have specific questions, please ask. All my best wishes,"

Wally Wood (U.S.A.)

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