We have learnt from our own experience that in order to guarantee some private time, adult students like to be free in the evening (from 5 p.m. onwards) for their evening meal and entertainment.

Accommodation prices (*)

Accomodation Bologna - B&B Bologna nel Cuore

We offer our students a free accommodation booking service at one of the following:

  • * hotel in the city center (from 60 euros)
  • * B&B - bed and breakfast (from 65 euros)
  • * a farm guest house, at 5-20 km from the teacher's house (about 50 euros)
  • * a bedroom in a flat with a family (from 30 euros per day)
  • * small apartment (from 30-50 euros per day)

(*) These prices are for one person and must be considered estimate

Additionally, we can book a babysitter for students' children during lesson times, and arrange for car rental, if required.


Accomodation Bologna - B&B DABETTA

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